Interested in understanding how ready your students are for high school?

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Each year, we seek to measure how familiar middle school students are with college and career topics. We do this through a high school readiness study, and we need your help.

Your participation in the study means Texans will be better able to understand how our state is doing when it comes to high school, college, and career readiness. Providing middle school students with instruction that prepares them for high school, college, and career is a goal of 2015's HB 18. 


What's in it for you

By participating, you'll be able to assess the effectiveness of your middle school college and career instruction. With data from the study, you can better align future instruction with students’ most critical needs. We are able to send campus and district reports to participating schools and districts who request them. These reports provide a snapshot of your students’ high school readiness. If you are interested in receiving a campus or district report, you will let us know on the next page. Please note, we are unable to provide reports to campuses or districts that have fewer than 30 students complete the survey.


Participation details and requirements

To participate in the study, you will need to administer two surveys to the same set of students at two different points during the year. These surveys are meant to be given to students who are completing college and career readiness lessons. You will administer the surveys before and after students complete the instruction. We also ask the teachers and/or counselors who are instructing the students and administering the survey to answer a short series of questions.

The presurvey is open now and will close October 31, 2019. Each survey should each take 20-30 minutes for students to complete. To administer the presurvey to students, fill out the form below and we will provide you with a survey link.

Educators can preview the survey questions before administering it to students. The survey covers the  following topics:   

  • The creation of a high school personal graduation plan
  • The Distinguished Level of Achievement for graduation
  • Each of the five endorsement options
  • College readiness standards
  • Potential career choices and the education needed to enter those careers

If you have specific questions about how we’ve developed the survey, please contact Matt Giani, director of data and research, at  


Fill out the form below to participate

Your responses to the questions below will help us know when to reach out to you with the postsurvey and better understand how you're delivering college and career readiness instruction. Once you have filled out the form, we will send you a presurvey link to share with your students.