Get Started with Texas OnCourse and Improve Your CCMR Outcomes

You have a lot to worry about this year. Let Texas OnCourse do some of the hard work on college, career, and military readiness (CCMR). Our top-notch, up-to-date resources come at NO COST to your district.

When you get started with Texas OnCourse, we’ll make it easy to implement with your staff. Ensure that your school, district and staff are confident and knowledgeable about CCMR.

Commit to getting started with Texas OnCourse and we’ll help you kick off the school year with:

  • Getting Started with Texas OnCourse, a guide that includes a professional development calendar for your counseling staff, a scope and sequence for our middle school curriculum, and information on how our resources align with CCMR outcomes
  • A subscription to the College and Career Strategist, our monthly email that keeps you up to date on accountability and CCMR
  • Access to DataDive, our data visualization tool that lets you view and compare academic performance data at campuses and districts

Download the Getting Started guide:

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The Texas OnCourse Academy

Our online Academy dives into 31 different college and career topics, providing a chance for educators to earn continuing professional education credits. With our Academy rewards program, each member of your counseling staff can earn up to $480.


College and Career Readiness Curriculum

The TEKS-aligned Texas OnCourse College and Career Readiness Curriculum includes a comprehensive scope and sequence for middle school, lesson plans, student handouts, and an assessment to track your students' college and career knowledge. The curriculum also includes engaging digital tools for students: MapMyGrad and MiddleGalaxy